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COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

Arlington Dental Solutions believes that the safety of our patients and staff is of the upmost importance. We adhere to and exceed dental guidelines recommended by the CDC and ADA. Our patients immediately see and feel the protective measures that we have implemented.

In Office Screening: All patients must complete the COVID-19 Screening Form and have a temperature check in order to proceed with an appointment. Our doors are kept close and patient appointments are staggered.

Cold HOCL Fogging: HOCL Fogging is used between appointments. This a safe technique of spraying electrolyzed water to fight against broad a range of micro-organisms.

Hospital Grade Air Filters Machines: Machines are used throughout the office to filter down particles to less than .003 microns and can irradiate viruses and other pathogens.

Extra Oral Suction Machines: Machines used at the patient source to reduce aerosol levels and airborne viral particles .

Personal Protective Equipment: Employees wear disposable gowns, N-95masks, and PAPR suits.

Sneeze Guards: Placed in the Reception Area.

Non Usage of Waiting Room: Patients may only enter via a phone call. They must wear masks and have an appointment.





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